About Rosemary

Rosemary Tejeda has been in the salon industry for 27+ years. As a Director of Education and Goldwell Trend Artist her role is to train, coach, and mentor her team by developing their growth technically and personally. As an Educator she has participated in a variety of TV makeover shows, fashion shows, and trade shows both domestically and internationally.

Many years ago Rosemary went on a journey of personal growth by surrounding herself with like minded people who were bigger, better & smarter than her. She needed to stretch herself and step outside of her comfort zone. “You have to give up to


go up” and she was willing to do just that. For 5 solid years she intentionally unlearned everything she knew and challenged her self-limiting beliefs with the help of the right mentors & coaches to get her where she is today.

By expanding her level of awareness she went from a creative journey to a personal growth journey. What she has learned and experienced created a stronger value in her personally, professionally, emotionally & mentally. She understands the importance of adding value to others. 

How Rosemary Helps Salon Business Owners and Salon Professionals

Rosemary offers coaching, training workshops, seminars, and keynote speaking that has helped business owners enjoy significant growth in their businesses and live far more successful personal lives as a result. The strategies are simple, profound, and highly effective both personally and professionally. 

Leadership has a compounding effect and is influential.  As a hairstylist she understands the value of our industry and how to help you and your business grow financially, technically and personally. 

She will help raise your level of awareness and tap into your unlimited potential while holding you accountable with action-based results. Rosemary's passion for the beauty industry is fuel to her fire, so if you are ready to take yourself and your team to the next level, then subscribe today.

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